Why do we focus on Dubai

Dubai is widely considered to be the Gateway to the Middle East; a rapidly growing, dynamic and prosperous region. We chose to focus our business activities in Dubai, because Dubai is a great place to live and work and provides the majority of our clients with easy access to the local and regional markets.

  • difcDubai is strategically located in one of the world’s most prosperous regions and ranks as one of the world leading trading centers.
  • It is served by 170 shipping lines and 86 airlines and enjoys an open, free-enterprise market approach.
  • Dubai is widely considered to be the Gateway to the Middle East and to an extended market of more than one billion people across the Gulf States, Middle East, CIS, East Africa and Indian sub-continent.
  • It has a sophisticated financial and services sector and a rapidly developing manufacturing base producing a wide range of high quality, competitive export products and is a hub for international exhibitions and conferences.
  • The infrastructure continues to improve every day; we are the first in the region with a Metro Train system, state-of-art telecommunications and an abundance of high-quality office and residential accommodation, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping centers.
  • There is no personal income tax or corporation tax and 100% repatriation of capital and profits (exceptions for oil producing companies and non-national banks).
  • There are no currency restrictions. Currency is pegged to the dollar at a rate of Dh 3.675 since 1977.
  • Competitive Import Duties (5% with many exemptions).
  • Finally, you and your family will find all the glamour, excitement and facilities of a modern-day cosmopolitan City together with an array of top sporting and music events becoming of one of the worlds iconic international destinations.